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DoubleClick Turned Down Microsoft's Higher Bid That's a somewhat cynical sum-up, certainly oversimplified, and maybe even a little unfair (there, I've said it so you don't have to) – sometimes it's just business. But the whole thing becomes really interesting when you learn Microsoft offered more for DoubleClick than Google did, and still got turned down. DoubleClick put its eggs in Google's basket, instead of Microsoft's, for less money – as if business relationships have evolved into star-crossed, money-can't-buy-love affairs. But we all know that's bull, right? John Battelle, who broke that news, rightly questions the reasons behind it: The more I think about it, the more the fact that DBCLK went to Google strikes me as a seminal moment in the history of this industry. Microsoft could not win it, despite the cash it was willing to spend. Why?! According to that lengthy blog post, Battelle will have to think on it a bit and make some more contacts to make sense of the for-love-or-money outcome (like in most things, why-is isn't nearly as important as what-is – but that's a whole other discussion). Former Microsoftie Robert Scoble has some suggestions about why a company would turn down a larger offer, including company reputation, employee benefits, better long-term options, more influence, location (at which point we get into a host of arbitrary justifications). But the most interesting one was Robert's first suggestion: Better cultural fit. I’ve seen that some employees are real jerks during negotiations and can sour a suitor on that person’s company. At the end of March, back when this deal was a just a gleam in Microsoft's eye, when there rumors were circling via the PR machine about Microsoft's affection for DoubleClick (and DoubleClick's high brideprice), Google didn't even appear to be in the courtship picture. Briefly-put, DoubleClick wanted $2 billion, and Microsoft seemed to do a spit-take at the suggestion. Don Dodge, Director of Business Development for Microsoft's Emerging Business Team, blogged rather convincingly about billion-dollar gambles, and devalued the DoubleClick to about $600 million – a fifth of the final price. And then, two weeks later, we learn Microsoft offered more than Google, and lost? Something happened. Microsoft had a change of heart or executives were blowing smoke during negotiations to keep the price down.

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Minnesota SEO Company is one of the leading SEO companies both in Minnesota and in the U.S. Whether your needing SEO consulting services, website promotion, one way link building services, or SEO services our company has the experience and understanding of ranking websites in leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, Exactseek, and many others. Being a ranking SEO company ourselves we have a firm understanding of how search engines rank web pages and what optimization work needs to be done to achieve a higher ranking. We are a full service SEO Company and will work to cover all aspects influencing you websites ranking to assure your success.

Search Engines Rank Pages Not Sites

One common mistake both webmasters and many other SEO companies make is the belief that search engines rank websites as a whole. Not only is this incorrect but this type of thinking could potentially hurt future rankings. Search engine rank individual web pages not sites, just because you have one page in the top ten does not mean your site is ranked in the top ten, just that page. So by trying to rank an entire site for one set of keywords you have the potential for missing out on other keywords which if optimized correctly you could have ranked for.

Minnesota SEO Company has always known this and performs website search engine optimization accordingly, optimizing each web page according to what that single page is about while still retaining the websites overall theme. If you look another USA SEO company you will notice almost all of them either claim overall site optimization for a specific set of keywords or make no mention at all of how they optimize their clients websites.

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Affordable SEO Company

Being one of the top SEO companies in Minnesota and the U.S. one would believe that our SEO services are to expensive for the average website owner, this is quite the opposite. Our SEO Company happens to be one of the most affordable SEO companies anywhere. Take a look on the internet and one will find that most SEO companies offer either a one size fits all price or perhaps a couple of different SEO packages. Our company does not believe in a "one size fits all" package, each website is unique with different needs depending on exsisting SEO work, website design, theme, targeted keywords, and more.

By taking into account all of these things we can eliminate unecessary services and costs which not only saves money but time as well. The only standard cost for all websites is a one time $30 fee for us to perform an initial site evaluation to determine what services you will need and how much Search Engine Optimization work needs to be done. On average Minnesota SEO Company will charge $200 - $500 for local search engine optimization or Global optimization for a site which is not in a highly competative catagory and $800 on for websites targeting highly competative keywords. These are one time costs NOT monthly charges as with most companies you might find unless our client is specifically seeking long term SEO services as might be the case with multiple site promotion ect.

If you come to Minnesota SEO Company in search of promotion your site we will be glad to help you. We are professionals in Search Engine Optimisation. Choosing among numerous debt management companies is a challenging task. Will help you define the right debt management solution. Please see the list of our partners to obtain confirmation of our words: Professional web design, MSN Emoticons, Search Engine Optimisation, Los Angeles Web Design.
We are capable of achieving high results for your site in a short time regardless of competition in your themes.

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